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baby blanket

Polar Fleece Side

Flannel Side

Jewelry Tree


My husband and I signed up to take a pottery class together.  We have really been enjoying it.  Here is a compare and contrast of our projects:

His pillow form project (nice little sugar bowl):

My pillow form project (I call it Lizard Habitat):

His Leaf Slab project (a cute little planter):

My Leaf Slab project (a chip and dip tray):


painting of denali

Here is a painting I did of the view of Denali from my parents property.

Here is the original picture to go along with it:


New paintings!

I did 2 paintings this past week and am really happy with how they turned out.

"moonlit branches"
5x7in acrylic

"tree blossoms"
12x12in acrylic


More gloves!!!

Finished 2 new pairs of gloves.  The black and grey ones are for a friend, the raspberry and charcoal ones I hope to sell.

more picturesCollapse )


It's done!!! (almost)

Wow!!  I finally finished the mermaid and turtle quilt top I started about a year ago.  Now I just need to get the batting and a border and turn it into a quilt!


more gloves!

More new art!!

Haven't been posting here as much because I am using raspberrymetamorph.deviantart.com/ for my art now.  Been quite busy, the more I make the more I want to make and I feel like I am improving so much.

Some recent projects:

And of course a lot more of my projects are for christmas presents, so I will post them later.

Paintings for Oil/Acrylics 1

Signed up for a painting class and we had to do 2 projects.  One was a flower and one was a landscape.  Here are mine: